Aesthetic Melange™️ is the brainchild of Dr.Arun Suraj .Initiated in the year 2018, this is a specially curated dental course for Dentists(UG’s PG’s ,Practitioners ) who wish to sharpen their prowess in the field of Cosmetic and Aesthetic dentistry.

Dr.Arun Suraj being punctilious and passionate towards aesthetic dentistry created this platform to share his knowledge and train dentists to perform and excel in this stream. Right from it’s inception Dr.Arun Suraj has mentored many batches so far ,trained dentists in India and overseas (Dubai)who have a zeal for aesthetic dentistry.

Dr.Arun Suraj is one of the very few mentors from India who has had the privilege to train fellow dentists overseas in Aesthetic dentistry(Dubai, UAE) and in Endodontics (Seychelles, Africa).He is an active member of ESCD (European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry ) and attends most conferences in Europe to stay updated on the nuances of cosmetic dentistry and to upscale the aesthetic quotient in clinicals year after year.

Cosmetic/Aesthetic dentistry has brought about a revolution in Dentistry due to the significant rise in consumers who refuse to stay banal and wish to enhance their teeth. This seems vital in a social arena as well as due to psychological implications. Their consciousness scale is on the rise like never before, which means we need to step up, get going and do what we can as skilled aestheticians to change lives.

The focal point of Aesthetic Melange™️ would be mastering modern concepts of aesthetic dentistry which will include ceramic veneers, composite layering techniques , Rubber dam placement, bleaching, DSD and photography. This is more like a boot camp which will facilitate to bring out your best and help you nurture and fine tune your skills.

This course is designed and maneuvered keeping in mind the practical challenges a dentist faces and having a pragmatic approach and methodology to tackle them. This power packed dental aesthetic course usually spans over 2-3 days at the end of which you will have the confidence to start aesthetic dentistry right away. Post course attendance the way you look at teeth will never be the same again.

Mastering Aesthetic Dentistry is truly a game changer for dentists and a life changer for clients.