Dental implant is a device made up of titanium that is fixed into the jaw bone which then acts like the tooth root and supports a restoration or an artificial tooth. It is used inorder to replace a missing tooth.

The bone of the jaw accepts and gets fused to the titanium implant by a process known as “osseointegration”. An implant is always felt a little different when you chew on some food, that is because it lacks the periodontal ligament (a supporting tissue that connects the tooth and the bone). The periodontal ligament is present only around a natural tooth.

Dental implants are used for many purposes like implant supported dentures, orthodontic tooth movement, bridges and crowns.

A success of a dental implant mainly depends on the case selection. An implant is not adviceable for patients with high blood sugar, heavy smokers, thin bone ridge, bruxism habbits, osteoporosis, patients who have undergone radiation therapy of the jaw and HIV positive patients.